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Welcome to my blog. My name is Josh McMinn and am a Junior at WWU studying marketing and accounting (minor). I grew up in good ‘ol Sequim, WA and made the most out of life on the Olympic peninsula. I am an avid sports fan. Currently, i am thoroughly enjoying the solid start to the Mariners 2014 season!

I am taking Digital marketing because of your guest talk at an SMA meeting last quarter. The course seemed fun and I guess more light-hearted than other marketing classes available. I think it will be interesting to learn about marketing topics that are currently growing. Without too much background knowledge on the course topics I eager to learn about my individual impact on the growth of interactive online communities and marketing. Maybe, through this course I will find that there was previous knowledge all along. But after this quarter I will be able to utilize it.

US Marketing Forecast, 2011 to 2016


Knowing this was a forecasting article, I knew there was going to be a lot of numbers thrown around. For me I found it difficult to process all the numbers. For example, figure 3 displayed that consumers spent less time with traditional media. Comparing that to figure 2, which displayed that more respondents believed interactive tactics will prove more effective than traditional tactics in the next 3 years. Okay, I now know that interactive is on the rise and is important. After reading the article on the marketing talent gap, I can understand the difficulty in the education of digital marketing. This article had too much above the head stuff with all the numbers. Don’t get me wrong, I think numbers and forecasting are great i.e. my accounting minor, but I don’t think for the education of digital marketing and the talent gap that this article was effective in illustrating the importance of the topic.

State of Digital Marketing Talent

This article really reminded me of a graphical illustration from MIS. The graph was showing the level of importance of technical versus people skills for different levels of job positions. I think this graph and the talent gap described are both a balancing act. Its a tug-o-war between higher positioned employers and new entry level employees. I thought it was interesting when one respondent was quoted saying something about Facebook users think they are digital and social experts. Like the article said, if the majority doesn’t have good ways to measure the employees skill and knowledge base than what are we supposed to expect. Practice makes perfect, right? So heavy users of social media and other interactive online communities isn’t a good way to measure the knowledge base. Individuals personally think they have the skills and knowledge because of practice, but employers want something more. Its really hard to measure. That leads into the next article, where geographical regions make a difference too.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Marketing Jobs in the 21st Century

Finally, this article was interesting to see how different regions play a role on what employers seek. For me it was cool to see that no matter what location, a lot of employers seek the ability to work on teams and people/communication skills. I feel that my time at WWU has done a pretty good job with preparing us for that. At the end of this article, one of the highlighted portions talked about how professors gained the knowledge they have on database marketing. The majority being self-taught it just reminded me how I felt after reading the first article on forecasting. I felt like I had really no direction after seeing all the forecasts for the obvious turn to more interactive than traditional tactics. Bringing all the articles together, I think that the solution to hack away at the talent gap starts with education that really takes into consideration factors, like geographic locations, for digital marketing to utilized more.







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