Building My Personal Brand With Inbound Marketing

How does McMinn inc. sound? Cheesy? Oh well, its simple and its what I thought about while reading up on inbound marketing. The benefits of inbound marketing are like the ways us students market ourselves to professors, employers, and people in general. The fictional McMinn inc. is the product of my education, personality, how I spend my time, and the words I say. The professor is the potential buyer. At the end of the quarter, will I have an A? Or simply, will you just like me as a person? Those could be both outcomes that I would be okay with. Through inbound marketing channels like twitter and this blog, I can be reached and you and others can get a feel for me. So McMinn inc. content is created through the benefit of inbound marketing like my twitter (@Josh_McMinn), my facebook, instagram, and this blog. Give me a follow. Through the content of these inbound tactics, viewers will take away buzz words and initial reactions to the words, pictures and/or videos. Another benefit would be that I am always searchable by you or the “potential buyers.” You could educate yourself and ask other people about me, but with inbound marketing I can still be found with these online profiles. Through all this I am building the human interaction with others. Inbound marketing strengthens my brand, or “what others say when I leave the room.”

On the other hand, it is also important for me to use outbound marketing techniques as well. If I just have a voice and generate noise on here and in social media, than I wont be as effective as I could be. So this quarter I will have  to participate in class with you and my classmates and utilize office hours. Don’t worry I wont try any paid-for outbound marketing. Inbound marketing can also fail with poor segmentation. I know you like baseball and you are a Red Sox fan. I follow baseball and am an M’s fan. Let’s just awe in amazement on how smooth Robinson Cano’s swing is…

Thoughts on HubSpot’s New Products

Social Inbox: I thought the social inbox was very interesting. The organization is its best feature. What I mean is, having a timeline for each lead is valuable. Whether its personal hobby, like sports, or for business customers is eliminates all other noise. Having said that my only critique or worry is that I don’t see it readily usable by all shape and sizes of companies. If there is no noise about a company in social media then this inbox wont be as useful as possible. Nevertheless it is a great way to keep tabs on competitors and what is being said about them.

Content Optimization System: I thought COS was the best of HubSpot’s new products. I can definitely envision websites all becoming dynamic and following this COS platform. I think it would be amazing to adjust what individuals see based upon their relationship with the company. Companies that utilized this tool will pioneer and lead the way for humans to become huge fans of new, up and coming innovative companies. Its a cool foundation for the whole idea of increasing company’s ability to become more human.

Signals: When hearing about the new product called Signals, I couldn’t help but think of the read receipts on sms text messaging for iPhones. There is an option that will show whether or not you have read their text. Personally, I would rather not let others know if I’ve read their text or not. I think its frightening and would rather not have others know exactly what I am doing. I guess it is sort of a privacy issue and would need to see Signals at work to get more familiar. Signals follows the same sort of deal, but with emails and platforms like LinkedIn. I do, however, enjoy thinking about how differently the sales conversation will go because of the use of Signals. It eliminates some waste when it comes to talking with leads and I think that is very cool and valuable.



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