Thoughts & Stories on Content Marketing

I like to think of content marketing as a vision and the communication of that vision. Words, pictures and videos help bring the vision alive. The visual aesthetics come after and work harmoniously with the communicated vision. For example, my blog is my attempt to communicate my vision about digital marketing. How my blog looks and sounds aids my effort to communicate and deliver content that my audience enjoys. Knowing my specific target audience would be very beneficial to crafting my content. Discovering my target audience is a goal of mine for this blog. I hope to learn of an audience that enjoys my content as time goes on. According to Brian Clark, I will be on my way to a minimal viable audience when I receive continuous feedback from readers through comments and social media. After that I will start to gain insight on what my audience wants and desires are.

Recently, I was involved in good content marketing example. A friend of mine decided to share her thoughts on this Spotify commercial. 

Its the third video on the YouTube playlist. I experienced how Spotify’s audience, my friend, shared this video and her thoughts with me. I happen to not be a user of Spotify up till now. I’ve been aware of the music service for some time now, but never converted into a user. Through my friend, I watched this video and its authentic content grabbed my attention and now made me a part of their audience. Now I have looked into Spotify further and got more knowledge about it because of their easily accessible online presence. Like all the examples of the 100 content marketing examples reading, Spotify’s video made its content easily reachable from one person to the next. The Scribe reading pointed out “what other people say about you is more important than what you say about yourself.” It just so happened that, finally, in the sharing of this video and what my friend said I became more interested in Spotify and may be a user in the near future. Spotify did a really good job of what the Scribe reading said, that “the job of any marketer is to enter a conversation that’s already taking place.” The video felt real and authentic. I feel like I could use Spotify in the way it was in the video.

Now I am going to attempt to be “agile” and add some content to my blog. Below is a picture from last Friday night’s M’s game. We won 6-4 and it was a blast with a great group of friends. You can see below, one our signs read “Pink Lloyd.” We made signs that had some puns of players names. Some others were, “Almonte Joy” and “We got Hart.” So now my blog is authentic right? I shared my thoughts and a real story of experiencing content marketing and now I am telling my story that hasn’t been heard. The more attention this blog receives I will be able to see what works and what doesn’t with wordpress’ stats page. The goal is to gain authority and deliver content that viewers want. I see content marketing as a cycle that is always turning back and forth.

Let’s start with feedback. Don’t hesitate to comment below and/or share with others.





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