Paid Media: Dollar Spent Here, Can’t Be Spent There

We know there was once earned, owned and paid media. Now, we can say earned and owned media is everything that is “shareable.” Now we have shared and paid media. Shared media comes from good content marketing and good communications between marketers & consumers. For the most part shared media is easy to understand, but more time consuming. Paid media, on the other hand, not so much. Paid media is a more difficult conversation, yet quicker to implement than share media. There are three players that I am going to talk about to help understand paid media better. These players are cookies, native advertising, and programmatic ad buying. Cookies combined with privacy issues have lead to an increase in native advertising. Although, native advertising still evades most marketer’s toolboxes according to Copyblogger’s 2014 State of Native Advertising report.

Marketers don't know what native advertising is

Image By: Copyblogger

After reading about the EU’s cookie laws, internet users do have the right to privacy when browsing the web. There is also the argument that without cookies web sites will become “dumb” again. Reaching and targeting the right consumers will become more difficult for digital marketers again. Ari Jacoby, on an Advertising Age article, described native advertising as:

Today we frame native advertising around being part of its media channel: for example, ads baked into the flow of online media. Done well, it can be a lot less intrusive than traditional advertising. Done less well, it can be hard to differentiate from advertorials and blatant incentives.” 

Programmatic Ad Buying

Image By: adotas

This matrix helps understand the decision making behind programmatic ad buying. Since it is still a new topic it can be confusing. According to this matrix, the two factors that should aid marketers and their media buying decisions are: whether the target audience is known and whether real-time bidding or fixed price should be considered. From here we can begin to answer the question of which media to buy. A dollar here can’t be spent there. So what media to buy? Starting from the column headings, we can choose between if we know our target audience or not, if not machine learning is our option. Machine learning could also be helpful if you know your target audience because “you many find that machine learning can refine that identification, eliminate some waste, and extract more value from your spend.” From there we have two options: real-time bidding or fixed pricing.

Definitions According to adotas article:

“Fixed fee purchasing will give you first pick from the impressions of the publisher or network you negotiate with”

“Real-time bidding will give you access to almost all the content on the web, but you pick last”









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