Final DigiMark 2.3 Blog

Graduating from DigiMark 2.3

This quarter I discovered that I really enjoy how lifestyle marketing and digital marketing meet. Like, for example, where the boating industry meets digital marketing. Below is a current example of a business utilizing an integrated marketing plan that uses tools I have learned about from DigiMark 2.3. I read this article from Discover Boating, and I genuinely feel I am capable of helping them implement and plan this marketing campaign. Some of their key points were content marketing, web advertising (search and display ads), and social media marketing. Having read this article at the end of this quarter, I think made all the difference. We’ve covered all the topics that Discover Boating has in its 2014 plan. As I said before, I believe this is where my marketing career will take me, where digital marketing can effectively market the boating lifestyle. 

discover boating 2014 marketing

Marketing for a Fortune 500 Company 

If I were to interview with a Fortune 500 company, I would have a different approach then my boating example above. Rather, I would focus on topics we covered, like database marketing, SQL, coding and big data. Having said that, the topics that Discover Boating is focusing on would still be important and vice versa with boating and database marketing. But I feel that bigger companies across the board need more and more students with marketing degrees that are able to practice effective database marketing with knowledge in coding, SQL and big data. Just as we talked about this quarter, coding is becoming the language of the future and the world is increasingly becoming centered around big data. I think the important conversation point in the interview would be the fact that the
money is where analyzing and interpreting the data allows for effective business decisions. 

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